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Hindus do make it a point to celebrate Krishna Janmastami in the "month of Shravana Ashtami tithi Krishna paksha". The birth of Rama is celebrated on "Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month" as Rama Navami. These and many other revered Saints' Birthdays are celebrated as per their Tithi.

The calculation of Tithi birthday as per Hindu Lunar calender has been an ancient indic tradition. But, when it comes to our own birthdays we are not much aware of our Hindu Lunar Tithi birthdays. This website is an effort to encourage more Indians to celebrate birthdays based on our tradition. Mapping festivals to the tithi dates also helps us track our birthdays by referring to any Calenders in our homes. Festival references have been given from websites like DrikPanchang which is a wonderful source of information. Vivah Panchami celebrated on Panchami, Margashirsha, Shukla Paksha is the wedding anniversary of Shri Rama and Devi Sita. Similar Tithi Calculation can be done for Wedding Anniversary as well.

Ancient indians devised a highly accurate calendar based on the movement of the Sun,moon and stars. This calendar measures a unit as tithis which is a 12 degree (=360 degrees/30 tithis) change in the size of the phase of the moon. A nakshatra is collection of stars that represent position of the moon in the sky (=360 degrees/27 Nakshatras) in a indic month. The month starts from new moon (amavasya-anth). While some traditions start month on full moon (purnima-anth), the birthday dates and time calculated and show here remains consistenly correct across both. This indic calendar is unbroken since millenia (read here how the gregorian calendar is broken in 15/17th century).

Birthday Comparison Table

Indic vs Western Birthday Comparison

Indic Western
Lunisolar: Sun and moon both align on your birthday. Based on lunisolar tithi and nakshatra (stars). Both feminine and masculine cosmic energies synergize. SOLAR: Only Sun position is considered for birthday. Ignores the feminine energies of cosmos.
CULTURAL: You share your birthday with indic festivals like Deepavali, Holi, Sri Rama and Krishna's birth. It connects us with culture. COLONIAL: Disconnects us with indic festivals. We wonder why our birthdays don't match with festivals and birthdays of our gods.
TRUTH: Ancient India devised an astronomical calendar which is scientific, accurate and has undergone minimal change since millennia. MISCONCEPTION: Kids think the West gave India all knowledge including math and science, while the reverse is actually true.
Unique: Festivals and birthdays are named based on the tithi name e.g. Rama Navami (9th), Krishna Ashtami (8th). Fun to remember. NO NAMES: Birthdays and festival names not tied to dates.
SCIENTIFIC: 30 tithis in one indic month is consistent and based on calculation of movement of astronomical bodies. RELIGIOUS: February has 28 days, while July/August has 31 days. Decided on whim of emperors like Julius/Augustus and no scientific basis. Year starts with birth of Christ.
CONTINUOUS: Calendar is continuous since millennia from ancient Indian historical times of Mahabharata and Ramayana. DISCONTINUOUS: Western calendar was adjusted in the 17th century by Pope Gregory (Gregorian calendar) to skip 10 calendar days that year.

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